Awards: London Photography awards 2022

Resolutions, a platinum award-winning series, belongs to the minimalist photography category and is a collection of metaphors about the most common purposes. Bloom, gold in the portrait category, is also a metaphor about self-acceptance.

The London Photography Awards

The London Photography Awards program celebrates, honors and recognizes excellence in photography worldwide, championing those who bring ideas to life, with different techniques and creative approaches, while demonstrating The Swinging City's millennial history and progressive beauty.

This award recognizes the diverse photographic styles that encapsulate the world, generated from various industries throughout society, ranging from: publishing to video, commercial services and scientific trades, as well as the art industry and photography itself. 

What matters most is their individualistic creative vision and their ability to turn them into phenomenal works of art, which will be as enduring as London's history, enshrined for millennia to come.

To see the spectacular photographs, visit the London Photography Awards page. 

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