Book 25 years of design: Gender Roars

Berenice collaborates with the commemorative book of the 25th anniversary of the College of Design (ESI), with 3 pieces of her series Gender Roars.

Esi has been recognized, in the category Master in Art and Design, in the Financial Magazine ranking as one of the best centers.

«Gender Roars -is the title of this campaign that plays with gender rules even phonetically: gender rules / gender roles.

These pieces are a sample of a series that vindicates equality and talks about gender issues from a powerful and fun visual approach.

With a partly retro aesthetic that evokes the 50’s and early 60’s, an era famous for its highly sexist commercial messages, the campaign turns it around and reappropriates that iconography.

The campaign combines different disciplines: crafting, photography, digital retouching and typography in a bold and audacious tone thanks to the union of iconic elements and bright colors». Berenice explains.

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