Chamber of Madrid: conference on digital communication strategy

Conference organized by the Acelera Pyme Office of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce, financed by FEDER Funds (European Union), in collaboration with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and Red.es.

Berenice Riu and Javier Gamonal, from Kima Collective, on digital communication strategy:

«That the present is increasingly digital is an immovable fact. The landscape of communication through digital media is changing rapidly and it is important for any business to understand its fundamentals, its keys and predict its future in order to organize a successful communication strategy.

In this conference we will address the nature of digital communication, the importance of a cohesive message and strategy, how to ask ourselves the key questions to build our communication in digital media and how to avoid some of the most common mistakes that detract from our efficiency and are an obstacle to achieve the results we expect.»

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