London Photography Awards: Exhibition of particularly attractive images – Includes Resolutions by Berenice Riu

Special categories in photography has a wide acceptance for photographic styles that are both unique and fascinating.

Differentiating themselves from the norm of the industry, photographers who choose to enter their art pieces under this are bound to create out-of-the-ordinary imageries that are visually appealing to viewers originating from across the world.

Magic of Horses | Johanna Sjovall

Part of a complete series, Johanna took pictures of the amazing creatures which were named “Magic of Horses”, as they were highly regarded in the photographers’ heart. This series of images managed to portray the mighty horses as powerful and graceful, radiating a sense of majestic impression. With a magical ambience traversing through all the photos, Johanna wanted to create something that best suits this wonderful and exquisite creature.

Magic of Horses | Johanna Sjovall

Resolutions (propósitos) | Berenice Riu

As humans, improvements are necessary as everyone is always on a constant search to elevate themselves to another level. This is especially seen during New Year’s Eve, when people will always set goals and make wishes to be a better version of themselves in the following year.

Berenice created this set of images to serve as a reminder for all to have fun while working towards these goals, as the process is the most enjoyable, not the conclusion.

Resolutions / Berenice Riu

Beauty in the Beast | Lizzi Mills

Lizzi tells the dark, untold tales of the mermaid dwelling under the ocean, where the water runs deep and dark, hiding an infinite number of secrets below. The image was taken in 2019, in Worthing, West Sussex as part of the series from the photographers’ Final Major project. This image was taken exclusively underwater with the use of models and props, with post-production kept to a minimum.

Light Fusion | Severin Ettlin

Severin has utilized the different usages of light when creating photographs under the concept that photography is a combination of light and shadow that is projected on a carrier. This led to the creation of the ultimate performance of lights that brings about limitless possibilities. In fact, most of Severin’s works are created in such a way with the variance of light sources available. The entire project was done with an experimental notion in mind, hence the results.

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