Mc Magazine: Visual artist Berenice Riu, double award winner at the London Photography awards

The Spanish visual artist Berenice Riu, has been awarded at the London Photography awards with a platinum prize in the minimalist photography category with her series "Resolutions" and a gold in portrait photography with "Bloom".

The London Photography Awards is a competition that, in conjunction with the International Association of Awards (IAA), seeks to honor and recognize excellence in photography from around the world. As long as the medium is photography, it is open to different techniques and creative approaches to support those who bring their ideas to life. Over the course of the 2022 season, the award has received countless entries from more than 50 countries, including the United States, Spain, Portugal, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Japan, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and others.

Berenice describes the Platinum Award-winning «Própositos» (Resolutions) series in its category, thus:

«We are in constant search for improvement. Since the beginning of the new year, we formulate resolutions with the desire to change in order to get closer to who we would like to be, the best version of ourselves. This series talks about these resolutions in a humorous and non-judgmental way, because whether we achieve them or not, the most important thing in life is always the journey».

This series composed of visual metaphors is colorful and intelligent and each piece can be interpreted, without the need to read the accompanying text, by the discerning viewer.

In this same contest, Riu also won gold in the portrait category with an image of enormous sensitivity and symbolism created together with his studio partner, Javier Gamonal. The star image is called «Florecer» (Bloom) and is also a visual metaphor. It shows flowers literally sprouting from the model, as he places a hand under his heart, from which plants also sprout. This is a powerful photograph that speaks of self-acceptance. Like all of the creative’s images, it is colorful and full of meaning.

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