Interview With The 2022 European Photography Awards Platinum Winner – Berenice Riu

Berenice Riu pursuits traces of visual harmony in her imageries, telling her own stories through little pieces. 1 – Kindly provide a brief description of yourself and your photography career. I’m answering this interview shortly after editing the last pending photo of the Celestials series. Celestials is a photographic series I created with Javier Gamonal […]

Huellas de Mexico: The incredible photographs of Berenice Riu

It is becoming common to find images of Berenice Riu in the lists of winners of major photography competitions. After her success at the Sony World Photography Awards and her prizes at the London Photography Awards, Berenice is once again breaking records after winning 8 gold awards at the European Photography Awards, to which she adds two special honorable mentions.

Awards: London Photography awards 2022

Resolutions, a platinum award-winning series, belongs to the minimalist photography category and is a collection of metaphors about the most common purposes.

Bloom, gold in the portrait category, is also a metaphor about self-acceptance.

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