Huellas de Mexico: The incredible photographs of Berenice Riu

It is becoming common to find images of Berenice Riu in the lists of winners of major photography competitions. After her success at the Sony World Photography Awards and her prizes at the London Photography Awards, Berenice is once again breaking records after winning 8 gold awards at the European Photography Awards, to which she adds two special honorable mentions.

Xataca foto: Six Spaniards opt for the «photographer of the year» award as finalists in the Sony World Photography Awards

They are among the 30 finalists whose works have been selected «for the quality of their work and the stories they tell» from among the more than 145,000 photographs entered in the ten categories of the ‘Professional’ competition (out of a total of some 330,000), which rewards series of between five and ten photos. Opting for the main prize, the most outstanding of what is undoubtedly one of the most important photography competitions in the world.

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